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Francis Cooke (abt. 1583: 1663). Compiled by: Becky Syphers, Michael Ray Lechner, Ted Harold Lechner…

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Francis Cooke (abt. 1583: 1663). Compiled by: Becky Syphers, Michael Ray Lechner, Ted Harold Lechner…

Francis Cooke was a traveler in the Mayflower. Join: Mayflower ProjectDiscuss: mayflower



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That the Log for the Mayflower. 1

Francis Cooke

The essential probably 12 months for the Francis Cooke’s delivery try 1583. The spot continues to be not known. 2 inside 1603 „Franchois Couck“ became involved towards marry Hester Mahieu. In those days that few ended up being surviving in un 3 4 7 kids had been created to your few, using six surviving infancy.

Inside 1620 Francis Cooke to their son John, created as part of 1607, kept Holland in the Speedwell. That they joined up with that Pilgrim team in the Mayflower as well as found its way to everything might get Plymouth, Massachusetts. Francis finalized that the Mayflower Lightweight. Hester Cooke and also the younger kids arrived more than inside 1623 in the Anne. Their youngest 2 offspring might have been created within the „“ new world „“. Their occupation into the colony that is new perhaps husbandman.

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That the Plymouth Colony reports need recommendations towards Francis Cooke. (mehr …)